Hi and welcome!

Although thejackhome exists since 2009, you probably never saw it the same way throughout the years.

Once designed with only the old but good HTML + CSS combination, it went through different redesigns and frameworks (Joomla and Wordpress among all).

What you see today is the final version I could agree with myself: a self built custom theme powered by the a flat file CMS called Grav.
Unlike the usual and most commonly used CMS, Grav is totally running with PHP and local files. No database at all which makes it incredibly fast and easy to move around.

Even the purpose of this web space has never been the same: it has been a placeholder to my thoughts for sure, but it is and it will always be the battleground for my web experiments mostly.

Today it is a place where I try to share few things I learned in my life, mainly around coding and excel tutorials.
Being an autodidact, I learned a lot through trial and error, therefore any feedback is always much appreciated.

Behind the curtain

Jack is my nickname and I am a Business Analyst / Project Manager currently based in Germany.

I speak 4 languages, currently blogging in 2 (Italian and English).

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling, trying-to-write code or elbowing my way in the gaming world, especially Battlefield game series on PS4.

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