Hi and welcome to my blog.
I believe you landed here after reading one of my articles, hence let me introduce myself!

I am a man in his thirties, born in Italy and currently resident in Germany where I also work.
My job is to lead and deliver different kind of projects for big international companies. Lot of numbers involved, strategy and relationships.

thejackhome exists since 2009 and the orgin of its name comes from a dear friend and old colleague of mine that back in days sugested my nickname (Jack), adding home to the end.
The result is a name which does not seem or sound correct in English as Jack's home, but I kind of like it after all these years and I keep on using it.

The purpose of this web space has always been to write here and there something, bust most of all as a battleground to experiment web solutions.
As you know, the vast majority of today's blogs uses a CMS (Content Management System) to facilitate content management, usually relying on a database. You may have heard of Wordpress and Joomla among all.
The "disadvantage" of using a database solution is that content cannot be seen as a simple set of files that can be moved like copy/paste.

I decided then to experiment one of the so called flat file CMS, which is an application in scripting language (.php for example) which stores its data in a set of text files. Just think about the advantages in terms of speed and portability compared to a normal backup through a plugin in Wordpress for example.
This site has been built using Grav which is an open source flat file CMS. It's still under construction but I hope you like it. The framework underneath is the lightweight Pure.css and theme is designed by me (it is called ideas).

As for the topics, I will mostly talk about: web, excel and gaming.
I'll try to talk about what I know and leave out all the rest.

I wish you a pleasent reading and please do write me for anything. I usually answer in a reasonable time.